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IT Professional Services

When you work with Perimeter Solutions, you can be assured we will treat your job search with complete discretion and professionalism. After discussing your goals and interests, we'll put our resources to work to identify the best available opportunities in your field. You select positions that interest you from among the prospects presented.

We'll make the initial contact, arrange interview schedules and guide you through the employment process. Our dedication to your success is the same whether you are seeking consulting, contract or permanent placement.

Perimeter Solutions Contract Consultants enjoy all of the lifestyle benefits of contracting and also the security of a comprehensive benefits package. We want you to have it all. We offer:

Paid Time Off.  To be used for vacation, illness, vacation, personal business or just mad money. Anything you want, starting your first day on the contract. Most companies will make you wait for six (6) months or more, some after one (1) year.

Referral Bonus. Refer a candidate or client and earn up to $1,000.

Per Diem. For Road Warriors. So you don't have to be a road worrier.

Direct Deposit. Bi-weekly pay directly into your account. *Benefits are based on eligibility. Please contact us for more information


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