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How We Work For You

Perimeter Solutions offers a variety of staffing solutions to assist our clients in hiring technical professionals. These solutions can be customized to meet individual hiring manager needs. Our goal is to provide you with flexible staffing solutions. Perimeter Solutions account managers will vigorously pursue and establish alternative scenarios in order to provide the best possible services to our clients. If it makes sense and is fair for all parties concerned, then we can work it out.  Descriptions of some of our current approaches follow.

Contract Services

As the nature of our clients’ needs vary, our scope of contract services is focused on satisfying specific business needs. We provide contract services on a short-term or long-term, full-time  and in some instances part-time basis. We maintain relationships with qualified Information Technology professionals who possess a broad range of skills and experience, from the latest state-of-the-art technologies to the older legacy systems. These individuals are established professionals with well-developed business and technical skills.

Contractor Conversion or Roll Over 

A flexible approach to filling your staffing needs is for us to initially contract a resource to you with the option of permanent hire in the future. Here, Perimeter Solutions identifies a candidate based upon your requirements and with your approval, the candidate reports and performs assignments as a contractor. At any point during the assignment, you may present the contractor with an offer of permanent employment. It is understood that you are under no obligation to make an offer and that the contractor is not required to accept it.

Contract to Hire

A more committed version of Contractor Conversion is our Contract to Hire option. We negotiate the employee's starting salary on the front-end of this arrangement, this allows for a smooth, no-hassle transition after the six-month term. The employee is on our payroll for a period of six months. With this alternative, at the conclusion of the six-month term contract, the candidate converts to your payroll as a permanent employee with no added fees. The contract duration can be flexible, however, we’ve found that a six-month period is optimal. Both the candidate and the client agree to this arrangement before the initial contract assignment and both commit to making the conversion at the end of the assignment.

Contingency Search

This is the standard approach most clients utilize to identify and hire resources. Perimeter Solutions agrees to conduct a search for a specific candidate based on the process outlined above. A placement fee is paid contingent upon an offer being extended and accepted.

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